7 Things Your Website is Missing

These days consumers have become internet-savvy. So they expect companies and retailers to give a great customer experience on their online storefront as well as physical store. This has forced businesses to create a unique, beautiful and well-functional website. It must give all of the necessary details about their organisation or business, products and services. Missing information can harm your brand.

Missing Info on your website

Why Isn’t Anyone Visiting to Your Website?

We can often see people scanning through the websites of companies to find specific information about their services or products. But sometimes they can’t find the right information and ultimately exit the web page in disappointment. This is the biggest reason why most online businesses are not getting enough traffic on their platforms. It is usually because their website is missing the important elements that drives visitors to bounce off to another webpage. This can lead to a decline in your pool or customers and sales. So it is necessary to know about the elements that make your website interactive and unique for consumers. It involves taking care of little details such as keyword density, alt text, SEO optimization, quality content, etc. Check out the guidelines that you should always follow to attract traffic to your site.

Here we have put together a list of key elements that your website might be missing:

Clear Call-To-Actions (CTAs)

Call to action play a greater role when it comes to attracting traffic on your site and generating leads. This is why it is crucial to place an eminent Call-to-Action button your online platform. It will guide your customers to the end of your web page and encourage them to take the next step. This will be helpful for your users and profitable for your business.

After visiting your website if visitors don’t understand what to do next. They will be tempted to leave your web page without taking the next step to buying your services. Make sure to choose a prominent place on your site where you can place the CTA button. In order to give the right direction to your customers match the colour of the button with rest of the features/branding on your website.

Add High Quality And Unique Images

These days’ tech-savvy customers can easily find out if you are using stock photos and videos on your site. It often makes users lose their interest in your business. It is recommended to choose a professional photographer to include authentic videos and pictures on your online platform. It will help you stay ahead from the competitors in your industry. Although it can be costly and time-taking but creating great visuals for your website, will help you to easily advertise your products and services. You can consider including high quality images to showcase you services and more.

Unique And Useful Website

These days, it is easy to find a cheap template and add your content in it. However, it will not make your site stand out from the competition. In order to take your online business to the next level you should have a website that is well-designed, functional as well as profitable. Check out the comprehensive website designing process.

It is better to hire an experienced web designer who can create a unique site for you from scratch. This will provide you the complete ownership of your site and establish a great brand voice.  It will improve the credibility of your online business and develop customers trust.

Design A Nice Logo For Your Business Or Brand

You can often see websites with up-to-date and attractive content. But their business or brand logo looks pretty outdated. This can change the perception of their potential customers about their brand, products and services. It is crucial that you design the most attractive logo for your brand. It is recommended that you hire a professional designer to get a logo significantly designed to define your business goals and services. Missing branding can be contagious.

Informative & Appealing Blog Posts

When it comes to advertising most business owners focus at endlessly talking about their products and services. However, they completely ignore to share the things that their customers like. This is why it’s crucial to create an engaging blog content for your site. It will help you know what your customers are exactly looking for. You can become a reliable resource for your wide pool of customers and design a great blog section. You can also link the blog post with your account on social media. It will make you a dependable company for existing as well as prospective buyers.

Don’t forget that your blog would be indexed and then searched on Google. Make sure to create content that is well rounded and informative. Choose the right keywords and you can do it by adding unique keywords that can be easily found on any search engine. It will not only make you a reliable source for the customers. But this will also help your site to rank higher in search engine results.

Review The Details On Your Site

Do you review the information on your site on a regular basis? If not, then you must do it without delay. A website that has not been update for past three or more years can barely attract a user. Make sure the missing information on your site is up-to-date based on the current situation of your business. On the other hand, if you fail to improve the content and designs on your site it will drive off your customers on competitor’s websites.

Quick And Organised Web Hosting (Low or No Downtime)

When a web designer or business launches a new website they often afterthoughts about the hosting part. This makes their site slow and turn away the visitors. So it is not as simple as searching for affordable hosting services and your website is all set to go. When a user click on your website it should load in the blink of an eye.  Even Google considers the page loading speed as an important factor for search engine rankings.

In fact, the page load time directly affects the user bounce rates and page views. If your website takes long to load, your users will be more likely to click on another site. It can drastically affect your sales and decrease your revenue.

Remember the faster the page load time, the lower the consumer bounce rate.  Make sure your web page takes only one second to load. Even if you click between the pages, it should not take more than 1 second to load. Check out below, 3 ways to reduce bounce rate and increase your conversions.

In Conclusion  

When you review your website make sure to include the important missing components discussed in this post. It will save you from the trouble of losing traffic on your site. In fact, it will help you get a high-end and a great functioning website to effectively reach your consumers.

| September 2, 2019 | John Smith