Best painting practices to improve the value of your home


The house is no doubt the most prominent and valuable asset for every person. When it comes to selling it, everyone wants to get the top price in a less time. No one like to stretch out the sale process of their house for more than a couple of months.

Everyone knows that curb appeal is the most important aspect of selling a home fast. If you are planning to sell your property, make sure to start preparing for it. Make sure to spend enough time in planning to get ready your home to get the best deal. And, the most simple and cost-effective way to improve the appeal of your house is painting it. Adding a splash of fresh paint on your vehicle’s exterior and interior can do wonders in creating a great impression on your buyers.

Here are some best painting tips to increase the value of your property to achieve the best price.

Use suitable colors for exterior

Traditionally, people used to put up attractive pictures of their house when it comes to selling their residential property. But when the customers visit them they find that the home appear less appealing in reality. Fortunately, the house selling process has become less stressful these days due to fast forward techniques.

Now you can take high quality photographs and even videos even your from your smartphone or professional camera. However, this is not enough to satisfy and attract your prospective buyers. You will have to make sure that your house looks attractive in pictures as well as in real-life. Don’t forget that you get only one chance to make the first impression on your customers.

So, make sure to get it’s exterior painted with attractive coats of paint. According to expert painters, it is best to choose beige or light grey color to paint the exteriors. It is more effective in creating a long lasting impression on buyers that using tan or medium brown shades. For the doors you must consider using slate gray and dark navy blue shades to improve the sale price.

Whereas it is also a great idea to use white color. As it is a more welcoming shade and make your place look more spacious. If you spruce up your house exterior, it will give it a more fresh and appealing look.

Spruce up the interior of your home

In order to sell your home easily you have to make it more beautiful and welcoming from inside. Hence, it is crucial to spruce up the interior of your property. You should mainly focus at presenting your house in a way that it convince buyers to visualize themselves living there. For this it is crucial to use the right paint colors. It can make a great difference in making your house stand out.

In today’s fast-forward time, most people prefer to buy a house which is ready to move-in. They are already preoccupied in their office or business work. So, they don’t like to put much effort in and money in remodelling it.

Getting the interior painted with the best colors

Every year different paint manufacturers produce some elegant and trendy shades in the market. However, the problem is that they are not long-lasting. Therefore, painting the interior of your home with best paints is important before putting it on the market.

It will make it presentable and your buyers will be more likely to pay higher prices. Most professionals recommend to use neutral shades like white to make your interior presentable. This doesn’t mean that you need to paint all your walls with white color. You can find a variety of tones of white color, like cooler whites with a blue tinges or warm whites with yellow undertones.

Select attractive paint colors for each room

When planning to update your house interior, make sure to get it painted room by room. Select appealing shades for every room which improve it’s overall value. For instance, if a room is painted with blue shades it will increase it’s value. However, the bedrooms with pink tones are mostly devalued.

When painting your bathroom, don’t consider using white shade. It is best to use purple and blue tones to increase the average value of the property. When it comes to kitchen and dining area, you can use pale gray or blue shade. However, brown shades like oatmeal, light taupe or light beige are best to revamp the look of your living rooms.

Take professional help and consultation

If you really want to make your property more presentable and valuable, make sure to get a professional paint service. With the solid consultation from experienced interior painters.

You can get an amazing paint job without wasting your much energy and time.  They will make the tedious painting project easy for you and you will get a high-quality finish. If you want to enjoy the exemplary painting service, make sure to contact your local painting decoration experts today.

| August 10, 2018 | John Smith