Is it Right to Buy Used Car Parts in New Zealand?

There has always been some debate over how safe used parts are to install on your car. Because of this, it is a common question to get asked if you work at an auto wrecking yard. Most parts are safe to buy second hand. It really depends, though, on the part, and who is selling it, and so forth. The old saying “let the buyer beware” is definitely relevant in this situation.

No doubt that there are so many benefits of shopping used parts from wreckers.


Second Hand Parts are Affordable

When a person wants to buy a replacement part for their vehicle, unless they are rich, they will be wanting something affordable. And buying second hand is usually the way to go in this circumstance. If you buy the part brand new instead, you are just ensuring that you put a sizeable dent in your bank account. And what for? Your car itself isn’t brand new. A brand new part will outlive your car. You want one that will last around for as long as your car, and not still be relatively new when your car bites the dust.

Some parts that are small and get used more, and therefore go through more wear and tear, can be affordable brand new. Like windscreen wipers and seat belts. If you buy them second hand, they may start to malfunction not long after purchase.

Ordering them is Easy

When you have the burning desire to get your hands on some used auto parts, doing so can be done from the comfort of your own home. How? By ordering the part you are looking for online. This is a great idea for when the part you are looking for isn’t at the shop you went to. If they are good people, they may order the part in themselves. What a great world we live in, where everything is available somehow.


It depends on where you go to get your used parts as to what kind of warrantee you get. What is considered to be a good warrantee? Well, it all depends on the individual and what their preferences are. Maybe you like thirty day warrantees. Fair enough. Maybe your personal preference is for warrantees of the ninety day kind. A good used parts vendor will provide you with some kind of warrantee. It is only right that they do this. You don’t want to buy a used part without that all important warrantee.

Easily Accessible When Local

It is great for local communities to have a place where they can have the freedom to buy the cheapest high quality parts. A town or city that doesn’t have easily accessible second hand parts is not a great place to be.

When you buy your used car parts from the local auto wreckers, you know that you are helping a local business. That means helping the local economy. You win, they win, and everyone wins. In conclusion, if you are looking for a place to buy used parts, try out your local salvage yard!

| July 29, 2019 | John Smith