Can I get the bargain deal on replacing the car parts?

Back in 2009, one of my friends met with the serious car accident. It was a Toyota Corolla 2003 model I guess. The whole vehicle got smashed and he only got the third party insurance which was not going to cover his vehicle expenses at all. The problem started when he realised that he doesn’t have the medical insurance either and he needs to spend more money to treat his injuries. He discussed the situation with me and we have decided to sell off the accidental car to the Auto Wrecker team in Auckland and that was the best decision ever because they paid the good money in return just because they can resale the car parts and recycle the rest of the metal. I have since learned that Auto salvage yards are the best source for buying the quality and cheap auto parts.


Price is the core factor while facing any kind of auto maintenance charges. But another important factor is availability. If you are running the single car with the family, then you cannot wait for weeks to arrange the brand new auto part and get in installed. You would love to take the day off and get it done on the same day. Well, this is what my point of thinking though. On the top of that you can simply bargain the price with the salvage dealers, which is not possible with then brand new company dealers.

Get the limited warranties on the used auto parts

When buying second hand car parts from the salvage or junk yards, you will get the limited warranty for the auto spare parts which is awesome. Within 30 to 90 days, it is enough time to test the auto spare parts if it creates any problems.

However, in any case, if you are looking to buy the massive part like engine, transmissions or the replacement of whole boot or front, then you must check that up with your regular mechanic because they know better than us.


Salvage yards always put the auto spare parts on sale

Probably hundreds of Second Hand Car Parts Auckland dealers are selling the auto spare parts on their own prices and we can certainly take the advantage of the competition. Bargain for the best price and who knows if you get that. On the top of that always take the advantage of weekly or monthly promotions if the parts are associated with your vehicle.

What you must need to remember before buying Second hand auto parts?

Must check the auto spare part with the expert you know. Even you have a deep knowledge with the automotive parts, but still you should check the auto spare parts with someone expert and take the advice before getting it installed to save money and time.

Finally, I would highly recommend Auto Wreckers in South Auckland based company who pays the top cash for cars and other unwanted vehicles. They offer the auto removal at no extra charges and offering quotes on no obligation terms.

| September 10, 2015 | John Smith