How to Know How Much your Junk Truck is Worth

One day the time will come where that truck of yours is just too old. Or too badly damaged. Or perhaps it will be too neglected. And it will need to be sold, so that you can free up space on your property and use the money to buy a new truck. If the truck is in such bad condition that you are worried that no-one will want to buy it, your cause for concern is unfounded.

How does one go about selling a truck that no-one else wants? It is easy. Because the thing you may not know about scrap trucks is that they are not worthless. In fact, the opposite is true. And there are whole companies out there who are dedicated to the role of buying automobiles that no-one else wants to buy.

How much will they pay you for your truck? Will they try take advantage of the misconception that scrap trucks are worthless in order to offer you less than it is worth? How do they figure out how much to offer for a scrap truck? Here is the answer to that last question. They look at the following details in order to valuate a truck.

What Condition the Truck is in

This important to ascertain in order to know how many parts on it can be salvaged. If it is just the engine that has blown, all the other parts will be fine, making the truck worth more than if it has been in a crash, and nearly everything is a twisted mess of steel, plastic and glass.

The Truck’s Make and Model

There are truck makes that are not so popular. This means that they aren’t in demand either. The auto wrecker will be looking to sell the parts from that truck, so they will need to sell at a lower price in order to incentivise people to buy it. When they have parts that are high in demand due to being from more popular truck brands, they can sell at much higher prices.

How Old the Truck is

The age of any automobile tells us a few things about it. One is that if it has had a normal career as a truck, the older it is, the more it has been driven. The more it has been driven, the more wear and tear that it will have taken on. Hence, parts that are in good enough condition to sell will still be in worse condition than if they were not so old.

Whether the Truck is Registered or Not

Some auto wrecking companies are fine with buying a truck that has no registration. However, many will offer less money if this is the case. You may even come across a company that won’t buy your truck at all if there is no registration. It varies from company to company, so it is always a good idea to do some shopping around.

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| December 13, 2021 | John Smith