Pre-eminent web design trends 2017

With every New Year emerges new web design trends. Web designs keep on developing constantly and this is one of the great things about them. Sometimes one can explore new design trends and sometimes new ideas seem to accumulate all at once.

The emerging web design trends of this year are also a lot of fun with exaggerated use of space on websites, different shopping experiences and the return of Pastel hues.


Read on further to learn about the pre-eminent web designs trending this year.

1) New Online Shopping Experiences

When it comes to online shopping, shoppers have different experiences that can be categorised under two classes. Some of the major retailers like Amazon or other small retailers offer seamless shopping experience.

Most of the retailers also opt for innovative, highly visual and experience design styles for their online stores. This trend works great for small stores that keep only a few items for sale and don’t offer large options for navigation. They present each and every item with a unique style rather giving the whole list all at once.

The designs are very impressive visually and use instagram influenced pictures that encourage customers to visit the websites. This trend is best for retailers that want to make their websites alluring and convenient to use by using high-end designs. This makes users purchase the items before thinking about its impact on their wallets.

2) Impressive use of space

Exaggerated use of space is one of the great web design trends and when used effectively it can help viewers to learn how to use or explore a website. As the right use of space can make a good design.

Although the use of minimal styles in an open space has been very popular for some time but there were some exceptions. This is because these designs use images and text with space to asymmetrical format instead of symmetrical format with space around it. One must think from the user point of view when designing websites.

A simple balance between the use of space will make the websites visually appealing and strongly impact the users.

3) Pastel color Palettes

This month, softer color palettes are replacing the bolder and brighter palettes in a big way. However, the usage is still the same. Pastel colors are usually used in a way to give a new look to the web design styles.

Some of you might think that pastel hues are best to be used only in backgrounds. But, this isn’t always the case. Although it can be easy to use pastel color in the background of a website, but there are many forms of texts that are fairly readable on light backgrounds as well if used in darker colors.

Pastel based images are also widely used for hero headers and many web designers use color palettes from these pictures. In addition to this, photo and image matching with pastel palettes can be an appealing combination to give a softer look to the background. However, some of the designers also color palettes that are less saturated.

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graphic design trends 2017 | January 16, 2017 | John Smith