Should I buy the second hand car parts in NZ?

Probably the most common question asked by several peoples and myself as a senior automotive advisor at ANZ Auto Parts to always try to explain that there is nothing unsafe if you buy the right auto part from the right place.

Also, there are distinguishing categories of the auto parts that should be considered before buying the used car parts anywhere in New Zealand. Personally, I would highly recommend that all kinds of filters and tyres must be installed new and rest of internal and external parts could be updated with the refurbished auto parts took off from the other vehicles.


Now, your next question could be concerned with the factors that urge us to buy the second hand car parts in Auckland. I am going through some of major one’s to clarify the matter of fact:

Affordable Cost

Cost is certainly the prime factor that urges us to buy the used auto parts. Brand new parts are always expensive and auto parts for few brands are hard to purchase. Most of the times – maintenance costs can cross the value of the vehicle which is pretty awkward.

You should be able to buy the second hand auto parts of the half of the original cost or sometimes less than that. It depends on the vehicle’s make and model though.

This is the same concept as selling or buying the used cars – costs depend on the condition, make and model of the vehicle. You can simply get the top cash for old cars.

Easy to order

Second hand car parts could be easily ordered and accessed locally, which is totally handy. FYI, you cannot get all the brand new parts in the parts shop – most of expensive parts could be only arranged after making the order and it can take ages to come up.

Limited warranty satisfaction

All the used auto parts come up with the limited warranty period, which gives us the level of satisfaction to buy the second hand parts again and again. All the auto parts could be replaced within the warranty period as usual. Make sure that you check the vendor’s terms before making the purchase though.

Local and easily accessible

Local buying is always better than offshore or online orders. At least you can check the part yourself physically and talk about the replacement on the failure of the product. Also, you should be able to get the auto part within the matter of time.


aftermarket car parts | January 20, 2016 | Kevin Clarke