How to negotiate for the right value of your car?

Selling a car at the top price is not that easy as it looks. If you are really serious about the selling value of the vehicle and wanted good return, then you need to consider few things before start thinking about putting your car into the market.

As an automotive distributor at Ali Auto Wreckers – Cash For Cars Melbourne Company – I thought, I really should share some valuable information that can bring you to fetch the worth of the vehicle as much as possible:


Get the current genuine worth of the vehicle

There are numerous ways to get the actual worth of the vehicle, however, getting some ball park figures from your regular mechanic is always the best idea. Keep the range of negotiation on the back hand though. Once you have the ballpark figures in hand, you can bargain the best of the prices without considering yourself a fool.

Get the quote estimated by your insurance company

You can simply check the estimated worth from your own insurance company. However, it is always better to get the free or paid quotes from the top most insurance companies to make the unwanted price factor doubts clear. Different insurance companies have different parameters of estimating the value that would help you to offer you multiple figures.

Go for online car valuation tools

When hunting online – you can find so many online auto valuation tools where you can input the vehicle details and get the imprecise worth based on the age and the condition of the vehicle. I would highly recommend getting the online quotation from Redbook though. They are more accurate and honest with the proven track records.

Compare the vehicle prices on local classifieds

Without doing the comparison among a couple of quotations – we cannot get satisfied. Get the figures from the local dealers or newspapers – you can simply make the digit of your own vehicle. Make sure that you collect the information from nationwide companies.

Amend the value of a vehicle based on the features and condition

Finally, browse through the best part of exterior and an interior of your vehicle which can encourage you to add outstanding cost into the ballpark figures. For example – if you have really good quality sound system installed in the vehicle, then you should either take it off or add the outstanding costs into the original estimations.

Keep going

When you are ready to put your vehicle on the sale, then prepare yourself to negotiate so many proposals which is quite obvious to get. You have to fight for the best price and ignore all the negotiation proposals which are out of the desired value.

Just give it a try and feel free to leave your comments if they work for anyone of you. On the top of that, if you have any Used Car Parts inquirers then feel free to get in touch with Ali Wreckers and one of our staff will get back to you within 24 hours or sooner.

car negotiation tips | October 5, 2015 | Kevin Clarke