The 5 biggest website mistakes that business owners make

The 5 biggest website mistakes that business owners make

These days having a website is the most important thing to make your improve your business growth. If you are a new business owner getting an online platform can be very exciting but overwhelming as well. If you quickly rush through the process, you may overlook a lot of important things.

So whether you make your own website or hire professional web development company. There are some common mistakes that you should avoid forming an effective online platform. Don’t forget that companies having poorly organised website are more prone to failure.

So, here are 5 most common mistakes that business owners should avoid when designing a website:

Approaching the wrong or non-professional web developer

Whether you want an online platform for small or large business, choosing the right developer always pays off. Make sure to hire a company that understands your needs for a website project. They should be well experienced to complete your web project correctly and on time.

Remember, if you don’t select the right developer, you will end up getting a poorly designed website. And, it will be nothing more than a waste of your efforts, time and money.

In fact, it can create a serious downfall for your business. If you want a large business website, it’s better to choose a well-developed company. They can perfectly design, website within the assured time-frame.

Before hiring any web design company, make sure to ask the following questions:

  • How much experience do they have in their business?
  • How well-established are they?
  • Do they work as a company or freelancer?
  • Are they specialised in their job?
  • What are their achievements so far?
  • How much experience do they have in online marketing?
  • Have they worked before on projects similar to yours?
  • Do they outsource business work?
  • What is their web designing and developing process?
  • How do they manage with editing and revisions?

Choosing the wrong online platform

When you think of creating a new website you can find a lot of different platforms to choose from. However, there are various advantages and disadvantages associated with every online platform. For example, using DIY website builders is a bad idea.

So make sure to select the most suitable platform for your business. It is the most important step if you want a well-establish and great-looking website for your business. Make sure your online platform provides the functionality that you want for your business website.

WordPress is the most popular platform that is easy to use. When using it you can easily add new features customise it to properly fit your web design. Before selecting a platform also consider its cost as well.

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Putting more focus only on web design

When a visitor goes through your website the first thing they notice is its design. However, it is only one of the important aspects of the website. You must also lay your focus on the functionality of your site. The moment you have a visitor on your site, you only have a few seconds to keep them engaged on your site.

Therefore, make sure to spend your time on web design as well as functionality. And, when your visitors clearly understand your business they will be more likely to get hooked to your site.

Overlooking conversions or marketing

When you plan an effective marketing strategy for your business launching a new site is a crucial part of it. So it is necessary to consider your marketing strategy that is suitable for both website and business needs. Make sure to consider the following important things:

  • How you want to attract traffic to your site?
  • What information your target audience want to see when they first visit your site?
  • What are their expectations from your site?
  • Are they having any trouble to go through their website?
  • How many customers use call-to-action?

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Ignoring backups and ongoing support

When new business owners think of getting a website they only consider the ongoing support. And, often overlook to maintain their website. After the site is designed and set up, it is necessary to maintain it. When you hire a web developer make sure if they provide in-house technical experts. They can easily deal with any problems that might develop after developing your site.

If you own an ecommerce business and experience any problem in its functionality. Then it can fall down and you could suffer great loss. Therefore, make sure the web development company offers quick solutions to fix any issue on your site. This way you can promote your online business 24×7.

Additionally, there are many plugins and online platforms that constantly undergoing changes. You should keep your site updated so it is not prone to attack. Finally, make sure to back up your site regularly. This way you can quickly restore the data if anything go wrong on your site.

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