Why should I use WordPress for a website?

The most common question ever asked. The right answer depends on what kind of website are you looking for?

You should use WordPress only if:

  • You need the FREE Website.
  • You want to Setup your own blog.
  • You want to Setup a small website with CMS (Content management system) where you can manage the website content and images yourself easily.
  • You want to Setup an eCommerce website to sell products and get the payment online.
  • You wish the Search Engine Optimisation friendly website. Check out the Significance of SEO for your website?
  • You want to browse thousands of themes before installing for your own.
  • You want to customise the existing themes according to exactly what you have in mind.
  • You want to keep your website open for future development using the existing plugin’s.

After reading these points – I am sure that you would be ready to use the WordPress for your personal or business website. Need a WordPress web design service for your business, get in touch with A1dezine Limited today!


Let’s discuss the same thing in details and understand the economic and practical aspects of the WordPress.

Economic aspects of the WordPress

  • WordPress is just FREE to download and install.
  • WordPress customisation, development costs are cheaper than coding from the scratch.
  • WordPress Website maintenance costs can be cheaper than usual.
  • Thousands of FREE WP themes to use and ready to install.
  • So many FREE plugin’s and widget’s are free to use.

Technical Aspects of WordPress

  • WordPress is simple to use and very much user friendly. Consistent layout of the pages never makes the website audience confused.
  • WP CMS editor with FREE TinyMCE Advanced plugin makes the content, adding and editing simpler. With the advanced version – you can easily manage the photos and videos from the popular websites like Facebook and YouTube. On the top of that, you can schedule the time of posting of the content now which is great. Your post will be seen online while you are sleeping.
  • WP custom themes can be developed easily by editing the existing themes (scripts – JS – CSS). Some CSS and HTML knowledge may be required.
  • Google loves WordPress. If your website is running with WP then you can manage the SEO services for your website on your own.
  • Unlimited FREE and PAID plugin’s fulfil almost all the requirements like multilingual, different payment gateways, eCommerce, security features and much more.
  • No need to worry about taking BACKUP’s because one of WP plugin called “BackupBuddy” takes care of all the website backups automatically.
  • Absolutely Social Network Friendly – You can simply connect your post in front of millions of people in a second. You just need to add your social networks using the required plugin though.
  • From the CMS – you can simply take a control over your content. When you are ready to reply, you can open the discussion.

I can understand that Pros and Cons exist for everything but if you pay attention from your side then I am sure that you can run the WordPress website without facing any troubles.

WP websites are only for those people who really want to add new content and blogs on a daily basis and take care WP version, plugin updates regularly.

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