How to Sell a Damaged Car

Most of the vehicle owners ignore selling the broken or damaged vehicle and abandon the vehicle to avoid facing unwanted hassles. However, there are so many ways to sell the broken cars and you have a good chance to make some smart cash out of that.

Regardless of abandoning the vehicle into wrong way, it is always better to process the things in the right way by delivering the vehicle into the expert hands. Salvage yard is the only safe and better option where you can sell your accidental, damaged or broken vehicle for top cash and eligible for the free auto removal in case, your vehicle cannot be driven to the junk yards.


As a senior automotive editor – I have been asked by so many customers and friends to enlighten a few points of selling the damaged car in a smart way. Finally, I have decided to come up with something and here are a few tips for everyone:

Assess the condition and scope of damage

If the vehicle is not totally damaged or the part of the vehicle is broken then you might give it a try to sell it privately to someone who can take care of the broken things and pay you some money for the rest of the vehicle. Otherwise, get the vehicle inspected by the mechanic and see how much your vehicle worth after the damage costs, it will give you some confidence to meet the people at another level.

Spend some funds on maintenance if needed

If your vehicle would be fine after some fixup’s then try to spend some money before selling it to someone. In this way, you would have more chances to get the good cash for the vehicle.

However, most of the times, maintenance costs are same as the vehicle’s cost which is not a good idea to go with the fixup’s. You need to make these decisions smartly because different people can give you different advices, however, the final decision will be yours.

Can’t fix? Sell as is to salvage yards

If you already found that vehicle is not fixable or not worth to fix that then easiest option to sell it to the Wreckers Auckland and get the top cash according to the condition and age of the vehicle. Auto Wrecking people will pay you money based on their assessment process, however, if the auto parts are in really usable condition then you will have good chance get the good amount of cash in return.

Sell the used car parts

Are you good with the cars? Then go ahead and dismantle the vehicle on your own and sell the auto parts at your desired price. Trust in me if you can do that process in a safe way, then this method id better than selling a lot. However, make sure that vehicle dismantling and disposal process should be done under expert supervision or you will spoil the environment. I won’t recommend this process to the individuals.


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