Press Release: No-one Wrecks Cars in Auckland like Taha Car Collection!

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When it comes to booming business years, for us here at Taha Car Collection, 2019 will go down as one of the biggest. We have put in the hard yards and elbow grease, so that the people of Auckland can enjoy the ability to be able to sell their junk cars via the fastest and most convenient method available. And the reward has been sky high profits along with an increased market share!

We never restrict our buying habits, and will always be purchasing old Utes, trucks, SUV’s and vans as well as cars. Due to this fact, we can also lay claim to having one of the hugest selections of used parts in the whole North region. We sell everything from windscreen wipers to engines, and all the components in between. Every last part is in the best possible condition.

We cannot talk about the great success we have built for ourselves this year without mentioning one thing. That one thing is our free removal service. We believe that our customers deserve the most possible money for their vehicles. If we were to include hidden charges, this would just work to make them lose out. So instead, we use our own equipment to remove each vehicle ourselves. We are proud to be doing this, and it seems to have proven to be a hit with our customers. They love the fact that they are not losing any of the cash that we pay them through hidden costs.

Removal isn’t the only thing that we provide for free. We will also go about the important task of doing all the paperwork for our customers. All they have to do is sign the paperwork and we are all set to take the car back to our salvage yard for recycling.

How do we make sure that we are consistently paying only the best prices for people’s used and broken down vehicles? We look at the most objective details pertaining to that car’s information. Then we decide how much to offer based on the many calculations we do, plus our knowledge of how much each individual car part is worth on the market. Our customers seem more than happy with the resulting cash payments. Which is probably why word of mouth has resulted in our top spot as Auckland’s leading auto wrecking outfit!

It is true that we will not reject any vehicle if the car in question is of a less popular brand. Everyone deserves to be able to sell their clunkers. It should never be impossible to sell a vehicle just because it is a totalled wreck, and it was made by a manufacturer that is not as much in demand as others may be.

In conclusion, we have continuously gone from strength to strength, making this year great. And next year may be even better, if we continue on this road of smashing all our goals and grinding as hard as we can in this great industry.

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| September 2, 2019 | John Smith