The advantages of eco-friendly car disposal

Once upon a time, the good folk of Auckland would take their junk cars to a landfill, and that would be that. Those days are thankfully behind us. Now, we sell our vehicles to cash for car companies. This is the preferable way to do things for a few reasons. Not least the fact that it is the more eco-friendly option. Also, unlike the old days, you get paid for your junk car. It’s no wonder that these companies are such hot property nowadays. Cash for car companies have made it their mission to help the environment by recycling old vehicles of all shapes and sizes. Here are some other benefits of choosing the environmentally friendly option for your scrap car.

Receive instant dollars for your old vehicle

If you need a speedy injection of money into your wallet, this is a fine way to achieve that goal. The fact of the matter is that any vehicle that needs a massive amount of repairs will be incredibly hard to sell via the traditional methods. If you had the right tools and expertise, you could dismantle the vehicle and sell the parts individually. Most people have neither of these, and their best option is the cash for cars company.

Selling to a run of the mill junk yard is a much easier option, but you are still required to put in the effort. You have to drain the fluids, and you need to pay for the vehicle to be hauled away. Selling your junk machine to a cash for cars company will get you some cash, and you won’t have to lift a finger.

Reduce pollution

The landfill method of auto disposal mentioned earlier is the environmentally un-friendly way to dispose of a vehicle. The vehicle will leak its toxic materials and substances into the surrounding environment, damaging it. A cash for cars company will either dispose of those substances using strict guidelines, or they will recycle them for later re-use.

What’s more, the steel and other materials that make the vehicle will go to waste. If they are recycled, the demand for freshly mined steel will be reduced. It takes more energy and resources to mine the raw ingredients for steel then it does to just recycle steel that has already been mined.

Ultra-speedy service

A great perk that comes to selling your automobile to a vehicle removal is the speed at which you get your machine sold. From the moment you contact the company at the moment they haul it away, you will have experienced less than a day passing by. And not only do you get paid for the automobile, you won’t have to pay a dime for its removal. This is unlike the olden days where you had to pay to have the vehicle towed to a junkyard only for them to refuse to take it because you didn’t prep it properly.

So hopefully you have the picture now, and know that you can easily dispose of your junk car. And you can sleep easy knowing that you haven’t harmed the environment in the process.

Simply get in touch with cash for cars Auckland & get a smart deal over your unwanted vehicle.

car disposal for cash | June 20, 2017 | John Smith